Wholesale Application

We are happy to assist you in expanding your gourmet food line through our wholesale program. We offer a variety of oils, vinegars, and more for your specialty food store.

Wholesale Program:

1. Click on send above to submit your application. If you are having any problems or questions about submitting your application email call us at (951) 823-8490 x440.
2. Orders will be shipped to the approved registered wholesale account address only. Alternate shipping addresses are not applicable for wholesale pricing.
3. Wholesale orders are placed online and payment is made upon shipment.
4. Out of stock items will be handled in one of the following manners, according to your preference: (1) Reorder: The out of stock items will not be included in the shipment and you will need to reorder the products on your next order. (2) Back order.

What's Next?

Your wholesale application will go through our approval process. Upon approval you will receive an email to your submitted address with your username and temporary password.

Most applications will be processed within (5) business days.

If you have any specific request or need additional information, please feel free to call us at (951) 823-8490 x440 or email us at kmoore@cibaria-intl.com

1203 Hall Ave. Riverside, CA 92509